A busy production location has many activities going on simultaneously and communication and coordination is critical.​

Skye Rentals covers all your communication needs. Because of their reliability and durability, Skye Rentals only rents Motorola Brand walkie talkies. Whether you need a bullhorn, base station, hand microphones or Wi-Fi router boxes, we have it in stock.


Reliability is what you want above all else. If you need to communicate with others, you do not want the aggravation and frustration associated with the inability to clearly hear and be heard. We make sure the walkie-talkies we rent to clients provide crisp and clean sound.


The two-way radios that Skye Rental rents are industry standard. They are tough and meant for use in all conditions and weather. For the more adventurous production locations, you can trust our lightweight walkie-talkies to keep working in salty fog, dust storms, vibrations and shocks of up to 40 G’s.

Ease Of Use

Walkie talkies are capable for use in all conditions by the entire crew. Nobody wants to learn a new electronic device. These devices are simple to use. The push-to-talk button is large and textured. There are only two other buttons that can be programmed. If this is your first time working with a two-way radio, come by Skye Rentals Burbank office and we can show you how to operate in just a few minutes.

Not Just For The Film Industry

Skye Rentals rents equipment for all types of events, from charity functions, concerts, or your 50th birthday bash. For large events with hundreds of people, our team recommends renting walkie- talkies. From parking cars, coordinating entertainment and activities, to serving food, renting our walkie-talkies for your communication needs will help your event run smoothly and keep everyone in touch.

Security Communication

To help you maintain a secure production site or event, surveillance kits are available to rent from Skye Rentals. When you are in charge, you are responsible for the safety of everyone present. Renting surveillance kits will give you peace of mind, leaving you free to concentrate on the creative process.

Be Loud And Be Heard

Nothing gets their attention like a bullhorn! You will be heard far and wide with Skye Rentals maximum Watt power, long-range bullhorns! If you need the loudest bullhorn available, Skye Rentals has them.

Bullhorn - $12.00
Handmics - $2.50
Headsets - $3.00
Motorola CP200 Radio - $10.00

One Stop Communication Rentals Shop​

Serving the Los Angeles area, Skye Rentals can equip your team with a full range of communication products, including hand mics and headsets. Our base stations are the finest and reliably pull your communications together.

Skye Rental wants you to have the ease of use for all of our communication devices. We can show you how to set up and operate your communication system effectively for your location. If you prefer, we will set it up for you and demonstrate how to use the devices.

No other rental company in the Los Angeles area provides the level of quality and reliability that Skye Rentals offers. The team at Skye Rentals maintains and tests all communication equipment before we ever rent it to you. We make every effort to ensure that your rental equipment makes your job easier.

With more than 16 years of experience, Skye Rentals is the place to call for all of your communication and production needs. Give us a call at 323.462.5934 to find more information about our products and services.