Canopies & Tents

Outdoor venues call for shelter and Skye Rentals has tents and canopies to rent in many sizes.​

All of our tents and canopies are durable and dependable and most every size is available.

Canopy Tent Rentals

We have 10’ X 10’ canopy tents that are useful for temporary set-ups lasting a couple of days. The structure is lightweight steel or aluminium and the canopy fabric is usually vinyl or canvas. These canopy tents are often used at festivals as vendor booths. If your production crew is filming outside, this size canopy tent serves well as a protection from the sun for people, supplies and equipment. You may want several canopy tents on site. Signage can be attached to designate the purpose of each tent. Add a table and chairs for a temporary desk or lunch area. Please note: these tents are open on all sides and offer no privacy and no protection from wind and rain.

Festival And Event Tents

Skye Rentals tents are perfect for festivals and private events, both small and large. A party or wedding reception gathered under a canopy with a backdrop of gardens or mountains becomes an intimate and memorable event for all of your guests. Set the bar up poolside for friends and family, under a canopy, or welcome 300 guests to a banquet and charity auction under the big top.

Changing Tents

Skye Rentals changing tents are spacious and private on all sides, including the top. There is plenty of room for a wardrobe rack, worktable and chairs and full-length mirror. Your cast will have the space they need. Signage can be attached to the exterior of the tent.

If you are looking to offer a special space for VIPs, rent a private changing tent for their use only. Their changing tent will have their rack of wardrobe changes and their lighted make-up table and supplies. Electric can be provided for lights, as well as heat or cooling. When your VIP is happy, everybody is happy.

Catering Tents

Serving a production crew in Los Angeles is one of the many challenges locations departments face. Skye Rentals tents seal completely so they can be climate controlled or leave the sides up if the weather is fine. Your crew can relax in comfort and enjoy a meal. Strong framework supports the tents in most weather conditions. We have tents up to 100’ X 100’ to accommodate large crews and still have room for food prep.

Lounge Tents

Bring the comfort of indoor production to any site anywhere in the Los Angeles area with our rent a tent opportunities. Your VIP will be comfortable relaxing in our leather lounge chairs and couch complete with lamps and end tables. Add carpet for a touch of home and even a convenient mini kitchen. The size of these tents are up to you, large or small. Make it a lounge area for one or two people or create several furniture groupings within one large tent. Include the mini kitchen and portable Wi-Fi for VIPs and your crew.