Skye Rentals offers the most comprehensive rental services for production companies in the Los Angeles area.

Of course, our generators are also available to rent for charity events, festivals and private parties as well.

The logistics of producing movies or television shows in remote locations is something the founders of Skye Rentals have experienced themselves. Everything from shelter to communication systems must be trucked to the location. Sometimes, the equipment must be trucked to multiple locations and set-up. Many times, even the electricity to operate everything from lights to cameras to coffee pots has to be mobile.

To meet this need, Skye Rentals offers portable generators to rent to keep the action moving and the crew fed and comfortable. We use Honda generators that put out 2000, 3000, 5500 and 6500 Watts of electricity. Usually, a combination of those is sufficient for the needs of most work sites. However, we can make our Generator Genie available that will provide you with 10,000 or 20,000 plus watts of power. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs. We guarantee our generators to be in perfect working order.

Use a generator for the VIP lounge to provide lights, heat or cooling for VIPs or cast members. You will definitely want heat and cooling in changing and makeup tents. Larger units will be needed in the catering tent. When you need lights to shoot at night, our Generator Genie will meet the challenge. A designated communications tent with its own generator will keep everyone in touch with each other as well as the outside world.

Generator Honda 2000 Watt


Generator Honda 3000 Watt


Generator Honda 5500 Watt


Generator Honda 6500 Watt


Generator Genie

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